#Expectations #ChangeYourEnergyChangeYourLife


#Expectations #ChangeYourEnergyChangeYourLife


The FIRST premiere is HERE! Watch and fall in love with Robin and Charles. (Created by Jahmela Biggs & Directed by James Bland) 

"A Stiff Dick Ain’t Got No Conscious …"

Maxwell - Simply Beautiful 

What do you think?

Visitation: The Movie


black girl, whenever you feel ugly

remember that they want your style

they want your lips, your hips, your hair

your ass, your clothes, your music

your swag, your aesthetic, the way you speak

you’re a walking treasure, literally

they may say they dont want you

but they want everything you have

all of it

9 times out of 10 if you don’t go to an HBCU you don’t know ANYTHING about “Neck”

N   E   C   K   !   !   !